Monday, 26 December 2011

Sport Fishing on Haida Gwaii

The waters surrounding Haida Gwaii are well known for excellent salt water and fresh water fishing. Salmon and Halibut provide for exciting fishing adventures!
Crabbing and catching prawns is part of the experience too. Throw some traps over the side of your boat or place them on North Beach on Graham Island, and simply wait for the tide to roll in and out!

The most popular salmon species for recreational fishing are Chinook and Coho. Chinook salmon are the largest salmon and can be caught from spring to early fall. The 'smaller' Coho salmon can be caught in the summer and early fall.

Groundfish such as Halibut and Ling Cod are delicious! Halibut, the largest flatfish in BC waters can weigh over 200 kg!

The following is a general guide to salt water sport fishing schedules on Haida Gwaii:

Spring (Chinook) Salmon          April to September
Sockeye Salmon                      May to July
Coho Salmon                           July to September
Chum Salmon                          July to September
Halibut                                     March to September  

Spend a day on the water with a local guide. You can have your catch cleaned and packaged at a local fish processing facility in Masset or Queen Charlotte or ‘do it yourself’ and enjoy a feast of fresh caught fish.

Visit for a list of local charter

The best known areas for ocean fishing include the west coast (via
Skidegate Narrows) and north coast (via Masset). 

Freshwater fishing is also popular. Salmon are abundant in local rivers in the fall while Cutthroat Trout
and Dolly Varden are readily available year round.

Throughout the winter, there are excellent Steelhead runs on Haida Gwaii. The Tlell, Yakoun and 
Copper Rivers are great for Steelhead fishing. 

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