Monday, 12 November 2012

A Winter Adventure on Haida Gwaii

This week's blog focuses on the fulfillment of a Haida Gwaii winter vacation - from storm watching beside a fire in your cozy beach cabin to walking on the beach under a clear star-lit sky - Haida Gwaii is your vacation destination! Check it out!

Friday, 9 November 2012

The Haida Gwaii Surfing Expression Session

This blog tells us about this year's annual celebration of surfing at North Beach. Free lessons and rentals for the youth, sunshine, sandy beaches and big waves -who could ask for a better way to spend the day at the beach!

The Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary - Village of Masset

Check out the blog on this very popular attraction in the Village of Masset!

The Pesuta Shipwreck in Tlell

This blog takes us to the very popular Pesuta Shipwreck in Tlell. Forest paths, a footbridge, beach sand and a shipwreck from 1928. Are you intrigued yet?

National Aboriginal Day in Old Massett

In this blog, Jenny Bourne tells us about her experience at this cultural celebration in Old Massett.

Surfing Haida Gwaii!

Surf's up - Let's catch that wave! This blog tells us about the not so well-known opportunities for surfers on Haida Gwaii - let's go!

Winter Steelhead Fishing on Haida Gwaii

Here's a blog for those who are 'hooked' on fishing year round! World-class Winter Steelhead fishing - Check it out!

Haida Gwaii on a Budget

Check out this very popular blog on getting the most out of your visit to Haida Gwaii while keeping your expenses to a minimum! There are so many exciting attractions and things to see and do on Haida Gwaii at little or no cost.

So Much to do on Haida Gwaii

In this blog, Lorette gives us tips on  'must sees' for your visit to Haida Gwaii - Check out the blog!

Not Just Any Eagle!

This is an amazing story of 'Porky' an Eagle in Haida Gwaii. Check out the blog!

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

The Edge of the World Music Festival 

This event is a popular celebration of musical talent from local to world class. The annual celebration attracts national and international visitors to Haida Gwaii. Check out the blog and try to fit it into your visit!

The Tlell Fall Fair

The Tlell Fall Fair blog can be found here - This event is a fun family-oriented event with live music throughout the day, arts & crafts displays, horseback rides and more!

Tow Hill and Blow Hole Hikes

This very popular blog on the Tow Hill and Blow Hole hikes can be found here. Not only is the blog popular but the attractions themselves are highlights of any visit to Haida Gwaii! 

Sandspit Loggers Sports Day

The Sandspit Loggers Sports Day blog can be found here

The Golden Spruce Trail in Port Clements

Check out the Golden Spruce Trail in Port Clements blog here.  This trail is a very popular 'hike'/walk to the viewpoint of the 'Golden Spruce' which was felled in 1997 by a logging protester.

Sunset Park in the Village of Port Clements

Check out the blog on the Sunset Park in the Village of Port Clements  here. The trail is a lovely level pathway alongside the Yakoun Estuary and adjacent to the Sunset Park Campground.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Haida Gwaii - My Home

By Dionne Baker

I’ve lived here for about 7 years. Being an “urban” Haida, some things were difficult for me to grasp. When I moved home I had the chance to get razor clams with a few friends.

Photo Credit: Sally Taylor
I could see my friend stomping down the beach - I asked him what he was doing and why he was doing that. He just laughed at me and said “that’s how you do it!” Yah right! - He told me to look down the beach at everyone else, and of course they were stomping too! He asked me if I wanted to try. I said  “there are no McDonalds under there!”

Photo Credit: Tourism BC
In the time I’ve been here, I've met a great man who knows a lot about the mighty outdoors and the sea - I’ve learned more and more and am still learning how to do things. Doug is an avid sea goer, and lucky me, I get to tag along most of the time. 

Photo Credit:
 Now I have some experience on the ocean since I used to fish the Fraser River, but Haida Gwaii is totally different compared to what I was used to.

Photo Credit: Garrett Brown
Being out on the water with Doug, I’ve had the chance to gather a variety of different seafood.

Photo Credit: North Pacific Kelp
I have learned how to fish for halibut, sockeye, red snapper, herring, sea urchin, clams, crabs and prawns. If you ask him where he got it he would simply say “the sea or over there.”

 Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Heron Wier

His hot spots are top secret and I’m sworn to secrecy about where we harvest our seafood. Sometimes it would be a couple of hours that we would stay out in the boat or even until the next day.

Photo Credit: 

Doug is also a very good photographer. There are some amazing sunsets, sunrises, and wild life that he has captured in the lens of his camera.

Photo Credit: Dionne Baker

We’ve gone cruising around looking for eagle feathers and come across just born baby deer, and some older fawns also.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

We have gone through then narrows and fished out the West Coast. There is a lot of wild life to be seen there.

Photo Credit: Mary Helmer
  Photo Credit: Stef Olcen

For example we were cruising by a rock island before heading through the narrows and heard the barking of sea lions. They all looked so stoic sitting there posing like they knew that we were taking pictures of them.

 Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

Getting through the narrows is pretty tricky - signs have to be obeyed and waters have to be high. Then when you get past the signs you’re at the narrows and what a sight!

 Photo Credit: John Alexander

Doug shuts the engine off and we coast through just taking in the scenery and the quite stillness of Haida Gwaii. It’s so amazing when you can unplug the modern world and come back to basics.

  Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

 Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

There are certain times to get things, one of my favorite things to harvest is chanterelle mushrooms - again I’m sworn to secrecy about where our hot spots are, but I like to wander around in the bush all day.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Culinary Coop
Sometimes I get turned around and have to yell for Doug to come and find me, it’s not hard to get turned around if you’re deep in the forest.

 Photo Credit: Ian Gould

This summer I’m going to try to keep up with everything, the berries and such. Maybe I’ll have good summer of harvesting!

Photo Credit: Jenn Dolen
 Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Culinary Coop

Monday, 25 June 2012

Hospital Days 2012 - Village of Queen Charlotte

Let's check out Hospital Day on Haida Gwaii - an annual tradition since 1908 (although I could only find photos dating back to 1958)!

 Photo Credit:
Hospital Day originated as a fundraising effort to build the first hospital in “Queen Charlotte City.” For many years thereafter, the annual event provided the only source of operating revenue for the hospital.

 Photo Credit (1980):
Hospital Day continues to raise funds to purchase equipment for various healthcare programs on Haida Gwaii.
 Photo Credit (1986):
The tradition of Hospital Day draws islands residents together for a fun day consisting of various activities and socializing.
 Photo Credit:
Each year the event commences with a lively parade reflecting the eclectic lifestyle of our islands' communities. Let's take a look at this year's parade looks like your average parade....keep looking...
 Photo Credit: Megan Romas
Photo Credit: Donna Hodgson 
 Photo Credit: Sheila Wigmore
Photo Credit: Megan Romas 
 Photo Credit: Megan Romas
 Photo Credit: Megan Romas
Photo Credit: Megan Romas
 Photo Credit: Megan Romas

Take for example the Kazoo Band - it is unclear as to when it began, but every year, the Kazoo Band gathers once again at the parade grounds - I believe a few other instruments have been added over time...
Photo Credit (1975):

Photo Credit: Megan Romas
Photo Credit: Fran Fowler

The parade winds down the main street and ends its journey on the Queen Charlotte Community Club Ball Field.
 Photo Credit: Fran Fowler

And now for MORE FUN!
Photo Credit: Fran Fowler

It's almost a post-parade ritual to start with lunch from either inside the hall (chili and pulled pork) or from the burger/hot dog kiosks on the 'street'. The lunches and dinner (supper) are made and served by a dedicated team of approximately 20 community volunteers!
Photo Credit: Fran Fowler

Photo Credit: Fran Fowler
All-day live entertainment at the oceanside stage!
Photo Credit: Tery Haymond
 Photo Credit: Tery Haymond
 Photo Credit: Tery Haymond
Many of the adults found themselves sprawled on the lawn or seated at the numerous picnic tables alongside the waterfront and facing the performers - could you ask for a lovlier way to spend the afternoon!
 Photo Credit: Tery Haymond
 Photo Credit: Tery Haymond

The younger crowd had other ideas...
such as horse back rides...
 Photo Credit: Megan Romas

the 'Pony Bounce'...
 Photo Credit: Megan Romas

Photo Credit: Megan Romas

and the always popular game kiosks!
Photo Credit: Donna Hodgson

This year, the sun shone brightly throughout the day (one might even say that it was a bit HOT). Ahhh, the advantage of having the ocean at the parade grounds...
Photo Credit: Fran Fowler
Consider  including one of our island festivals into your travel plans - it's an opportunity to meet islanders in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. You'll experience island life at it's best.

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