Monday, 12 November 2012

A Winter Adventure on Haida Gwaii

This week's blog focuses on the fulfillment of a Haida Gwaii winter vacation - from storm watching beside a fire in your cozy beach cabin to walking on the beach under a clear star-lit sky - Haida Gwaii is your vacation destination! Check it out!

Friday, 9 November 2012

The Haida Gwaii Surfing Expression Session

This blog tells us about this year's annual celebration of surfing at North Beach. Free lessons and rentals for the youth, sunshine, sandy beaches and big waves -who could ask for a better way to spend the day at the beach!

The Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary - Village of Masset

Check out the blog on this very popular attraction in the Village of Masset!

The Pesuta Shipwreck in Tlell

This blog takes us to the very popular Pesuta Shipwreck in Tlell. Forest paths, a footbridge, beach sand and a shipwreck from 1928. Are you intrigued yet?

National Aboriginal Day in Old Massett

In this blog, Jenny Bourne tells us about her experience at this cultural celebration in Old Massett.

Surfing Haida Gwaii!

Surf's up - Let's catch that wave! This blog tells us about the not so well-known opportunities for surfers on Haida Gwaii - let's go!

Winter Steelhead Fishing on Haida Gwaii

Here's a blog for those who are 'hooked' on fishing year round! World-class Winter Steelhead fishing - Check it out!

Haida Gwaii on a Budget

Check out this very popular blog on getting the most out of your visit to Haida Gwaii while keeping your expenses to a minimum! There are so many exciting attractions and things to see and do on Haida Gwaii at little or no cost.

So Much to do on Haida Gwaii

In this blog, Lorette gives us tips on  'must sees' for your visit to Haida Gwaii - Check out the blog!

Not Just Any Eagle!

This is an amazing story of 'Porky' an Eagle in Haida Gwaii. Check out the blog!

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

The Edge of the World Music Festival 

This event is a popular celebration of musical talent from local to world class. The annual celebration attracts national and international visitors to Haida Gwaii. Check out the blog and try to fit it into your visit!

The Tlell Fall Fair

The Tlell Fall Fair blog can be found here - This event is a fun family-oriented event with live music throughout the day, arts & crafts displays, horseback rides and more!

Tow Hill and Blow Hole Hikes

This very popular blog on the Tow Hill and Blow Hole hikes can be found here. Not only is the blog popular but the attractions themselves are highlights of any visit to Haida Gwaii! 

Sandspit Loggers Sports Day

The Sandspit Loggers Sports Day blog can be found here

The Golden Spruce Trail in Port Clements

Check out the Golden Spruce Trail in Port Clements blog here.  This trail is a very popular 'hike'/walk to the viewpoint of the 'Golden Spruce' which was felled in 1997 by a logging protester.

Sunset Park in the Village of Port Clements

Check out the blog on the Sunset Park in the Village of Port Clements  here. The trail is a lovely level pathway alongside the Yakoun Estuary and adjacent to the Sunset Park Campground.