Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Haida Gwaii - Hardly Your Typical Destination

This blog will be a 'hot' one! Check out the spectacular images and tell me if you're not inspired!

Spirit Lake Trail in Skidegate

Check out this walk through the rainforest - easy to get to and a moderately easy walk that will leave you with a taste of Haida Gwaii!

A Winter Get Away on Haida Gwaii

An escape to a 'remote' island on Haida Gwaii for a winter holiday!

Haida Gwaii Steelhead Fishing!

You'll want to check out this blog if you're a lover of fishing! Kenny Tsang of West Wave Fishing  takes us Steelhead fishing on Haida Gwaii - Gotta love it!

Haida Stories

In this blog, Joe Hans of Skidegate introduces us to stories from the Haida culture.

The Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole

Check out the blog on the Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole or better yet, drop by the Carving Shed at the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate and watch carver Jaalen Edenshaw and his apprentice Tyler York as they transform the ancient cedar into a work of art! The Gwaii Haanas Pole completion is scheduled for July 2013.