Monday, 5 December 2011

Take the Art Route Tour

Haida Gwaii is home to many talented artists using a variety of mediums to produce art ranging from the traditional to contemporary forms.  

The Art Route program connects artists with visitors by maintaining a list of artists who open their studios to the public.

The Haida Gwaii Art Route program was developed through the volunteer efforts of the Queen Charlotte Island Arts Council ( in 2003. Haida Gwaii Tourism ( assumed responsibility for the program in 2008.

      · The brochure provides addresses, maps and information on each studio so that visitors can take a self-guided tour through the art community of the islands.

      · The islands are well known for the strong artistic tradition of the Haida people, and several well-known Haida artists are featured in the brochure. As well, these islands have attracted and nourished the artistic talent from other people.

      · The work of many local artists draw inspiration from the rich natural environment of the islands. Many incorporate local materials into their works.

Suggested Itinerary: Plan a route that takes you to several studios in each community. Plan ahead and make appointments with the artists you wish to visit since many do not have a set schedule.
Explore the connection of art to the land, for example: ask to accompany artists as they gather materials such as cedar bark for weaving or wood for carving, or visit sites that artists mention as inspirational to their art.

More Information: 

Download the Art Route brochure at or pick up a copy at a local Visitor Centre or participating studios.

For historical photos of traditional art and Haida villages, try Haida Monumental Art by George F. MacDonald (Vancouver: UBC Press, 1983) available at most local bookstores.

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