Monday, 2 April 2012

March Mapping Madness!

Our graphic designer, Jen Bailey referred to the final month of the mapping project as March Mapping Madness for understandable reasons! 

While in the midst of planning for a permanent move to Haida Gwaii (perhaps she drank from St. Mary's Spring?), Jenn worked 'night and day' to redesign our visitor map and create ‘walking tour’ maps of each of the Haida Gwaii communities. The mapping information was compiled by local researchers from each community.

Photo Credit: Jenn Dolen

The ‘walking tours’ include a totem pole tour in Old Massett, a nature tour in Masset, an historical tour of Port Clements, beach and parkland tours in Tlell and Tow Hill, a cultural tour of Skidegate and waterfront tours in Queen Charlotte and Sandspit.

Photo Credit: Ian Gould

Jen has also provided us with an updated visitor map for Haida Gwaii (beautiful!). On the back of the map you will find local listings for accommodation, land and water charter tours, restaurants and many other services.

 Photo Credit: Jason Shafto

Photo Credit: Archie Stocker Sr.

The Guide to Recreation and Trails on Haida Gwaii is a very useful resource for locating hiking/biking/recreational trails and campsites


Photo Credit: Jenn Dolen

We encourage you to use these resources for your trip planning - there is so much to do and see!

 Photo Credit:  North Pacific Seaplanes

Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

 Photo Credit: Heron Weir

Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

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