Monday, 19 March 2012

What's There to do on Haida Gwaii in the 'Shoulder Seasons'?

The primary visitor season on Haida Gwaii is June through September which is understandable as that is when we have our 'nicest weather'. However, those of us who live here know that we are blessed with such mild weather that outdoor activities are abundant on a year round basis.

Jordie, a local teen created this video to inspire awareness of activities possible on Haida Gwaii!
 Video Credit: 'Pippenthedog'

Ok, so perhaps some of these activities might be better left to the younger people with a bit more flexibility! Let's take a look at other things to do in the winter and spring on Haida Gwaii...Let's go!

Northern BC Tourism

The waters around Haida Gwaii are well known for great fishing. Salmon, halibut and other species make for exciting fishing as well as excellent eating. Chinook salmon (also called spring salmon) are the largest salmon, and can be caught in the spring, summer and early fall. The smaller coho salmon can be caught in the summer and early fall. Check out some of Haida Gwaii's charter operators who would be pleased to help make your visit memorable!

How about fresh water fishing? Salmon can be caught in rivers in the fall, and cutthroat trout and dolly varden can be caught whenever allowed by regulations. Throughout the winter, there are several excellent steelhead runs on the islands. The Tlell, Yakoun and Copper rivers, among others, are great places to fish steelhead.

 Photo Credit: Ian Gould

Besides fishing, what else is there do to, you ask? Aside from an amazing selection of wilderness hikes, excellent year round kayaking and boating opportunities, 3 museums and heritage centre, art galleries and gift shops, Haida Gwaii  is the only place in all of Northern British Columbia where travellers can surf! The North Beach Surf Shop rents (and sells) equipment and offers lessons for those inspired to head out to North Beach for a day of surf! Let's see what that might look like...

Video Credit: 'kevlarsmit'

PS: After writing this blog, our family joined another family for a beach picnic in Tlell. The sun was shining, the campfire warm, young people ran up and down the vast expanse of beach while other couples wandered over to join in the hot dog roast and campfire cuisine! That's the type of thing we do in the shoulder seasons on Haida Gwaii.

Come visit us - the activities and possibilities are endless! 

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